20 Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO (2020)

free keyword research tools

What is a keyword? – Keywords are terms we use to search for information from the websites.

OK! Take an example. Let’s think you want to search for supercars in the united states. Then you have to search “Cars in the united states.” Here, the car is a keyword.

Search engines have algorithms called spiders. When we search for something, spiders go to websites and suggest the most suitable websites for your searching keyword. Most valuable keywords help you to take your website to a higher rank in SERP. (Search Engine Result Page).

I started my blogging journey when I was 16 years old. At that time, I didn’t know anything about keyword research and SEO. But with time, I studied many of the resources about keywords and SEO. So I gain some knowledge about it. Here I like to share my knowledge with you.

You can start your website with following this tutorial. 

Firstly, in blogging, there are two types of keywords. They are short tail keywords and Long tail keywords. Here is the example,


1st One 

Your search about “Keto diets” entering “Keto diets” in your search engine. This is a short tail keyword.

2nd One

Your search about “Keto diets” entering the “Keto diet plan for united states.” This is a long-tail keyword.

People search answers for their questions

OK! Now you have a problem. You ask,” What is the best tool for search keywords?” from me. Guess, what will I say. My answer is the best keyword research tool, are you? Manual keyword research is the best option we have. To do that, follow these steps.

In this world, people have so many questions. So you must do research about those questions.

People are always looking for answers to their questions. Try to give solutions to the problems.” How to” is the best way to answer them.

When answering their questions, people get satisfied with your answers, and they hit the bookmark button very often.

OK! We followed how to research the keyword manually in the above section. Remember that it is not the only way to search for keywords manually.

Before going to Free tools

Before going to free keyword tools. You must know how to use them. What are the meanings of their words?

When you are searching for keywords, you will get results with “Search Volume,” “SEO difficultly,” “Paid difficulty,” “CPC.”

  • Search Volume -: This is the average search volume for a month.
  • SEO difficulty –: This is the estimated SEO competition for your keyword.
    THE recommended SEO difficulty is below 30. If you are trying with a
    keyword with greater difficulty, sometimes it is tough to rank your
  • Paid difficulty -: is the same as SEO difficulty. In this case, choosing a keyword below 30 problems is a better way: the higher number, the more competitive.
  • CPC –: Having a higher value for CPC is paying more price for this keyword. It means this keyword is very valuable.
Note- According to Ubersuggest

After You Searched For Keywords

After you searched for keywords, How many keywords should you enter for your blog post?

Including 25- 30 keywords for your blog post is recommended. But make sure to have search volume at least 500 or 1000 for each of your keywords.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Limited Editon. You can search by a keyword or by a domain. The founder is Neil Patel.

Free. Unlimited searches. Can use domains or keywords. Here you can get Historical statistics about your keyword.

Limited. You have a limit for daily searches. You can get an unlimited keyword search from the paid version.

Limited. Same as MOZ. The paid version can get unlimited searches and more statistics about keywords

This tool shows what the trending keywords in the world are.

Free for search

This website offers many tools for your website: plagiarism tool, SEO Checker, and Grammar checker.

All services are free. You must check this out.


Free tool for searching.

Free tool for searching

As a blogger, you should promote your website on Pinterest. You can use this tool in your description to optimize your pin image.

Limited. Ad keyword reseach tool.

Free for searching

Free tool for searching. Suggest related keywords according to search engines.

Free tool for searching. But you must install it on your PC.

OK! That’s it. But I’m not a grantee about results. Because with the time you can gain organic traffic.

Finally, the end of the article. It’s time to mention other free keyword research tools on below comment box. Good Luck!

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