Best gifts idea for a gaming nerd


Best gifts idea for a gaming nerd

If you want to get a present for gaming geek in your life for the upcoming birthday or graduation party, it is time to start looking for a special gift—the process of selecting the present gift challenging. Every geek or nerd wants to have the latest and hottest electronics and toys in their collection.

Finding the best gift for a geek needs you to go out of the box. Here I have compiled some of the gift life nerd geeks in your life. I have split the things into a few different categories, and no matter what your budget is, I have something to fit into it

Paladone Pac-Man Ghost Light

This is dedicated to the geek in your circle who is always on those websites that advertise gaming decor. The ghost light forms the perfect gift for those who are constantly squeezing their homes and offices. Or those who think that a mind craft or block is a must-have.

This light is made in the image of the iconic Pac-man ghost, and it is designed to phase between sixteen different colors. But the real fun happens when you put it in party mode. You can use a USB cord to plug it in and set it to music and talk about mode lighting.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 gaming buddy

With the rise of lets players, live streaming, and online reviews, it is no surprise that people want to capture the footage of their gameplay. The tricky part is finding the right equipment. If you or your friend need to capture the footage of the PS 4, Xbox1, 360, or the VU, then this is what you are looking for.

With the help of unlimited capture, built-in live streaming to Youtube, Twitch,
and U-stream. It is perfect for high-quality footage to capture your best gaming moments or the worst gaming moments.

Valve Steam Link and Controller

It is one of the first integrated pieces of machinery that projects anything running on the screen onto your Tv. Gamers always want to receive some great games for PC or steam gift cards. PC gaming does not form the best option. So what if you have a way to have PC games anywhere in your home, specifically your living room.

And by this, we do not mean transporting your laptop around your house. So harness the power of your computer in any room in your home. If you hook up the valve steam link to your PC, it will act as a bridge to connect your PC to any TV in your home. All you have to do is to grab compatible controllers, and you are good to go.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset gaming

You are always advised to get this particular controller for your gamer friend. It comes with a cable that connects to your PC, and since we are talking Microsoft here. The compatibility with your favorite race titles is guaranteed.

Tetris Heat Changing Cup

It is being said that no cubical desk or cabinet is complete without a chic coffee mug. This makes the cup an awesome option for gifting. Tetris is the game about which even the non-gamers can talk about. And this cup is the perfect image for that. When you pour a hot beverage into the cup, the image changes to show the dream scenario of the game. You can drop a stick in to clear any lines.

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

This droid is so cool. You can control it with your smartphone. It will respond to your voice and also project cool holographic videos that you can record. If you are looking for a droid, then this is the one. It is no surprise to see the rising merchandise of the star wars. This droid forms the cutest and the most love life products.

Toys to Life figures

Kids always want to have some nlifeideo games. Toys to life figures solve this problem in another way. Talking about Disney, these little statues unlock and enhance the contents of the games that younger gamers love.

Just makes sure to verify that the gamer you are buying for has the compatible setup of hardware and software to pair with these guys. Or you might have to get a starter set as well.

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