How To Remove The Password From Windows 10?

windows 10 password remove

This article shows how to remove your password from windows 10. But remember having a password on your local computer is very secure. Most people try to make their PCs more secure because now every system has a cyber-threat from hackers, viruses and other things. So here I have listed down why you should not remove your password from your local PC. But remember you cannot remove your password if you are using a Microsoft account. Because

  • Without a password, anyone can access your computer simply within starting up your computer.
  • Also removing the password from your administer account is very affect to malicious applications running on your computer. If it does anyone can control your pc remotely and can spread viruses on your important data.

But with your consent, let me now show you how to remove your password. The truth is, we generally recommend against using these techniques, even though, in certain circumstances, they might make sense. In the end, we’re writing about them because we’ve seen the advice passed around on other sites without noting the important risks it involves.

How to remove the password on your local user account?

You can do it step by step: I will show you now.

Step 1-: Go to windows settings

windows menu

 After, You can see the settings menu

Step2-: Go to accounts. Click on “Accounts”

windows 10 user accounts

Step 3- :

From the left side panel click on “Sign-In options”. Then it will prompt another window from the right side.  Select “Password” and then click on “change”.

sign in options

Step 4- :

Now again prompt a window and here you can change your password. But for security reasons, you must confirm your current password.  Once you have done click “Next”.

change windows 10 password

Step 5- :

Now you have to enter your new password twice and password hint. Leave it empty. Leaving text boxes empty windows replace your password with a blank. Then click on the “Next” button.

change password windows 10

Step 6 -: Click “Finish”.

remove password

You are done with removing your password from windows 10

If you are more comfortable with “Command Prompt”

Firstly you must search “command prompt” in your search box or type CMD in the run command box. (To activate run, press “Windows + r”). But remember you must run cmd in administrator.

Then type [net user “username” ““ ]. Please follow quotation marks like this, If not you will get an error.
cmd password change

Completed successfully means you are done.

How to automatically sign into windows

If you are only one user of your home private PC, Login into your local computer with a password is a bad idea. So you can sign into your pc automatically. But remember not having a password is always a threat. Anyway if your pc located in a secure place that’s ok. And also if you are using a laptop that is little risk. So take the risk your own.

You can follow these steps

Step 1-:

Search  “netplwiz” in your search bar. Then click on “netplwiz” or you can run it on “run command box” (windows + r). 
automatically sign into windows

Step 2- :

Then here select your user account and untick the checkbox above.

remove password in windows 10

Step 3 – :

remove password from windows 10

Again, for security reasons you have to enter your current password twice. Then click “ok”.Now you can sign in automatically without a password.

You followed this tutorial well.Now you know, how to remove the password from windows 10. If you have any question please mention in the comment box. Thank you.

And also you can find more details about removing the password from windows 10 in this link.

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