Ingenious Methods to Provide your Outdated Android cellphone new life


Ingenious methods to provide your outdated Android cellphone new life

If you have gotten your hands on a new Android phone now, it is time that you decide what to do with the old one. No doubt, you could trade or sell your device, but you should know it is not the only approach.

Moreover, if your phone is too old or you are looking to save some money on google home or webcam. It can also be a fact that you like to tinker. Some ways that help you reuse your device. And turn it into something that you would use.

After all, smartphones are small-sized powerful computers with cameras and storage space. Also, modern phones are a substitute for many electronics. Such as you can also use it to check the mechanical problems of your car and turn it into a home security camera.

Turning your old Android phone into a webcam

If you have switched to a newer phone, you can turn the older one into the webcam. Also, you can use many different free apps on the older phone, such as Skype or Zoom.

You can also use the older phone to enhance the quality of video chats during the quarantine.
Starting using the phone is easy, and you can utilize it for the top-notch setup. It would help if you also kept in mind that the older phone’s camera is still way better than the built-in webcam of your laptop. Also, if you do not have the webcam at all, your old phone can be a good alternative.

Use the older phone to store your photos and videos

Images take a lot of storage space on your mobile device. Video occupies even larger storage space. So if you have a lot of pictures and videos that you do not want to lose as these have memories, you can utilize your older phone to keep all those images and videos.

As you are not using the older phone, you can reset it to free up the storage space and store your videos and pictures. Moreover, you can also use the camera on the old phone. You can also take the phone to the places where you do not take the new one. For example, you can take an older phone to a beach or lake. This would help you to take pictures without worrying about dropping your new phone in the water.

A universal remote control

It is the thing to have a remote control that is able to do everything. Being able to control all your electronic devices with the help of one remote control can be relieving. You can download an app on your remote control, such as iRle, and then synchronize all your phone devices. This device may include your Apple TV, Roku, and your Xbox.

Moreover, if you own the smart light bulbs, you can synchronize your phone with the lights as well. With the help of these tips, you can turn your device into an all-purpose remote. The remote would not have to worry about finding the remote control again.

Change your older Android into Google Home

You can also change your older Android phone into the Google Home smart speaker. It is straightforward, and you do not need to install any application for it. You are also advised to make sure that you have updated your Android to the latest version.

This would make sure that you have OK, google. The next step is to find a bluetooth speaker. Take a speake that you can pair with your phone. Also keep in mind that you have to keep both the devices connected. This would help you have command to google in no time. The best thing about this conversion is that you will not need to spend some extra money on Google Home.

A Security camera

If you have a spare old phone in your home. You can incorporate this one into your home security camera. For this you have to download a security camera application. This will help you to check on your house in your absence. You can loacte your phone in your main room at a place where you can get the best possible view. When you get home, you can set the camera outisde. Ofcourse place it in a hidden area. With the help of this camera you can easily see who is at your door or any other suspicious action.

Using the old phone as a baby monitor

You can check your baby everytime you hear a cry or strange noise, by turning your old Android into a baby monitor. For this purpose, you can set your old phone in the baby’s room. Access the older phone from the new one by downloading an application on both your devices. You can also install the baby monitor app called as Dormi. You will feel good when you know that you can see your babt from any room in your house.

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