The 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020


With the advent of technology, the field of software development experienced a bloom too. It was greeted with immense zest as people all over the world got attracted to learning programming. As a result, a wide range of programming languages came in to being that are being used to design cutting edge mobile and web applications.

The use of a particular programming language entirely depends on the goals and functionalities needed in an application to be developed. Although all the programming languages have unique features, developers prefer some programming languages due to their lower learning curve and useful libraries.

There are a bunch of functional programming languages that mostly succeed in matching programming needs due to their powerful characteristics. Some of the best programming languages that the app developers should learn are:


JavaScript is one of the most used and popular programming languages for a decade now.

Educational institutes consider it as the best coding programming language to learn in 2020 for full-stack development. It is an extremely portable language that possesses an easy-to-understand syntax similar to English. The people new to the field of software development get their hands on this language in a short time due to its lower learning curve.

Moving on, JavaScript’s predefined functionalities and libraries assist in the making of robust custom applications. The event-based programming language aids programmers in the process of logical debugging and testing. Besides, JavaScript is one of the handfuls of essential programming languages that do not require compilation.

All it needs is an excellent browser to interpret the source code. Furthermore, The multi-paradigm client-side language has a fast processing and object-oriented programming style.


Ruby is a straightforward scripting language that is recommended to beginners due to its ease in learning. The programming language has several features that make it widely used all across the world. It comes with multiple frameworks and over 40,000 libraries, making developers incorporate it into their projects.

Additionally, Ruby programming language’s uncomplicated syntax does not restrict developers to strict rules. This helps save time and enhance programming efficiency. Furthermore, it has a robust online community that extends assistance in case anyone is caught up in a problem.

Additionally, Ruby’s MVC architectural pattern improves the maintainability and facilitates testing of the applications developed with it.

Python programming language

Python was released by a Dutch programmer in 1994. The programming language was quick to top charts of popularity due to its simplistic syntax and diverse applications. Nowadays, it is highly admired by the developer community and considered the best programming language to learn.

The community actively contributes to the language by adding new modules and libraries. Known for its productivity, Python language comes with a syntax similar to the English language. As a result, it is much easier to learn and use to solve complex problems.

It has built-in user-friendly data structures that are of great benefit to the applications, which can be used to construct fast runtime data structures. Another added feature is that python is an interpreted language. The execution of the code is done line wise. This means the code does not run in case a bug or an error is encountered.


Swift is a relatively new programming language that came into being in 2014. It is used to develop iOS and macOS applications. The language quickly climbed to peaks of fame because of its powerful yet straightforward syntax.

It is also counted amongst the best programming languages to learn. Moreover, Swift is an open-source language, which means the developers from all over the world can impart valuable contribution to the language.

Swift has a clean and uncomplicated syntax that is exceptionally close to objective C. Together with robust dynamic libraries, it is used to program highly performing apps. These apps can easily be maintained and are supported by various devices and platforms too. Since it is a new language with relatively fewer developers, it is considered as the best programming language to learn in 2020.


C# is an object-oriented programming language built on the foundation of C programming language. It is a scalable language with a low learning curve. C# is backed up by far fledged online community that regularly contributes bug fixes and enhances already existing features.

C# helps build secure applications using the.NET platform. Powered by a strong memory backup, it also has a quick compilation and execution time. This turns out to be a massive advantage to the C# developers. Furthermore, its rich libraries help in creating maintainable applications and reusable pieces of code. Also, C# is exceedingly compatible with numerous platforms, supporting the smooth running of websites as well.


Java, one of the most prominent programming languages, is considered an easy-to-learn language. It uses the principles of object-oriented programming that make it even simple to use.

Also, the principles help to increase the reusability of the code, therefore saving development time. With a syntax based on C++, C++ developers find it unchallenging and effortless to learn and work with Java.

Application developers all over the world prefer Java as the language is portable as well as platform-independent, unlike some programming languages. This means the applications written in Java can run on any operating system. Furthermore, most developers like Java because it provides various security features by default. The versatile language has a gigantic online support community that assists app developers when they face technical difficulties.

R programming language

R is an open-source programming language that has been in the programming world for quite a time now. Famous for its use in statistical modeling and analysis, it has a variety of other functions such as data manipulation and the making of graphics—one of the most popular languages for statistical modeling and analysis.

Moving on, R language is a cross-platform language that is extremely compatible. Since it is an open-source language, developers all across the globe make valuable contributions to it. Also, it is an extensible programming language, offering rich functions to the developers. R language also allows developers to build their tools and methods.


PHP is famous for its dynamicity. The programming language is open-source that, in turn, means it possesses a massive network of developers. These developers help other people in the field in dealing with bugs and solving challenges. Moreover, PHP is widely deployed in making dynamic websites with an increased response and loading time.

PHP has a low learning curve due to its simplicity. Embedded in HTML code, it is a scripting language that houses all the functionalities that a good website may require.l Startups and freelancers all over the world build their websites using this simple language to improve their market position

GO programming language

One of the few languages favored by Google, Go, is a low-level language. It is considered as the perfect language to develop efficient machine learning applications and web servers. People new to the world of system programming consider it the best coding language to learn.

The language has an uncomplicated syntax with functionality similar to C and C++.

Go is famous for its blazingly fast run time. It offers a vast library of a plethora of built-in logical functions that are extremely easy to work with. Another added benefit of it is that is is an open-source language. This means programmers can enjoy contributing to this language. Moreover, Go also enjoy the distinct quality of making concurrent programming much more facilitated.


Scala was introduced to the world in 2003 to provide solutions to problems that Java developers faced. The functional programming language also supports object-oriented programming, making it gain an edge over other programming languages. It has complex features that allow developers to enhance their coding and performance.

Furthermore, processes such as testing and deployment are also executed within a short time and utmost efficiency. Although it is different from Java, Scala allows developers to use java libraries. Additionally, Scala offers functional features such as macros, tuples, String comparison advancements, and Pattern matching.

Scala does have a steep learning curve, with the developers taking time to master it. But the effort of learning it bears fruit as the Scala developers are highly paid in the global software development market.

Though there are many other functional programming languages to learn, the ones listed above are currently the trending best programming languages to learn. Not only these languages help you find a job with a handsome salary but also establish you as a knowledgable programmer.

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